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The Hebrew Alef-Bet


Hebrew is written from right to left - think about it!
Sort the mingled letters of the Hebrew Alef Bet to the right order.
To do this, click first on a field (letter card) & afterwards click on a second card, which makes the letters change their place in exchange. - If you click on the Button "Evaluation", you will see a display which shows letters that are already on the right place, as well as the letter already in the same line or row, but not yet on the right place.
In detail: The Bulbs on the left & above the game board show how many letter are already in each referring line or row on the right place.
The display on the right & under the game board show, how many letter are already in the right line or row, but not yet on the right place.
By this Evaluation scheme you may pretty soon solve the problem , don't you?
.. and by the way you can learn the alef-bet in a playful mode!
Further sorting riddles follow soon!

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